Fond of the idea « Good is Beautiful », 

LITTLE MOON think that beauty is universal,

and get inspiration from the beauty of each culture,
with the aim to share it, to participate to he Harmony between people,
which is necessary for any sustainable evolution as well as 
to highlight the appreciation of diversity : 
Know how to « appreciate what the other does».

LITTLE MOON cares for respectful professionnal relationships 
in which 
Human value always prevails on commercial value.

 LITTLE MOON wishes that
beauty remains 
accessible to everybody

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LITTLE MOON relies on the "Platon" concept of  
The Good, Kindness and the Beautiful,

with a  « French Touch » inspired, enhanced, mixed with
the beauty of each civilization, culture, 
around an
universal aesthetic.

Like the moon always in motion, 
the collections lines are developped
around dynamism and sensuality.

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